3 Vape Pens Products You’ve Got to Try Before Summer 2020

With THC and CBD-infused concentrates on the rise in their many variations, many Canadian marijuana lovers are getting into the vape pen market. Vape pens are discreet, easy to use, powerful and are amazing for relaxation purposes. All vape pens BuddhaTime carries are made completely of plant derived components and do not include any fillers, dilution, artificial colouring or sweeteners, PG, VG, MCT, or vitamin E’s. In this article, we present 3 great quality vape pens that are here to bring you into your Summer mood!

#1 Aira Vape Pen Kit – Blueberry Hybrid

This package deal is best recommended for cannabis users who might not already have a vape pen battery or product to begin with. Aira is one of the leading and best-selling cannabis vape pen brands in the industry; their proprietary distillates are second to none. Blueberry flavouring, traditionally found in the Blueberry indica strain, has been expertly extracted and distilled into Aira cartridges for the ease of consumption for hobbyists. This refill has a THC purity level of 92-99% and is packed into a cartridge containing 555mg (0.5g) of THC. The perfect kit for novices and veterans alike, the Blueberry Vape Kit is the ideal pen to relax and de-stress with.

#2 Onli Flowers Vape Pen Refill – Super Lemon Haze

The Onli Flowers brand has been at the top of the vape pen game for some time now, renowned for their use of the extraction methods and most advanced hardware available to the industry to date. This Super Lemon Haze Refill cartridge is extracted using a full-spectrum CO2 oil process which is cleaner, more efficient, and able to maintain the terpenes and trichomes from the original flower. This strain gives out tastes of lemon and candy and is well-known for its high trichome levels. Similar to other refills offered on BuddhaTime, this 510-thread refill integrates into most other vape pens, and is the perfect choice if you’re looking to try out a new flavour with hardware you already have.

#3 Culture 2 Vape Pen – Mango

The Culture 2 Mango Vape Pen is the latest, most stylish offering from Culture. This Hybrid vape pen, while disposable, comes equipped with a USB charging port at the base of the pen so you can always stay prepped, regardless where you are. Additionally, all culture vape pens are pre-loaded with a 0.5 mL distillate and are known for being exceptionally flavourful and enjoyable to hit. This pen in particular is beneficial for both stress and pain relief, always giving the user max relaxation sensations. Expect nothing less than an uplifted mood and enjoyable time when using Culture vape pen products.

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