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4 Snow Day Cannabis Necessities

If you’re like us, this January has been a complete snow nightmare thus far. Normally we’d like to soften that a bit, something like ‘in this gorgeous winter weather’, but not this time. Nevertheless, despite how much we think this snow has got to stop, here’s 4 necessities you should have with you when it’s snowing. And no, we’re not talking about snow brushes for your car or leather gloves to drive with. We’re talking about the brand and flavour of vape pen you should have on you when you’re stuck in snow traffic or when you’re snowed in at home.

#1 Must Have: Westcoast Smoke Co Hybrid Pre-Roll – Caviar 1g

The good old-fashioned joint is one of the most classic options on this list. To be honest, any pre-roll from Westcoast would qualify for this list due to the sheer amount of THC packed into the joint and the grade of them, but the Caviar stands out from the crowd since it’s a hybrid: it won’t lull you to sleep but also won’t make you feel more energetic than what you’d prefer.

#2 Must Have: BuddhaTime Gummies – Heavy Hitters

If you’re going to be going 5 miles an hour on the road anyways, why not have one of BuddhaTime’s Heavy Hitters? Just kidding, we do not advise on consuming cannabis before driving. However, the Heavy Hitters are the perfect choice if you’re spending a day at home just lounging, listening to music, or even watching a movie. These marijuana leaf shaped edibles will calm your mind and add tranquility to your surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you’re able to see the patterns on each individual snowflake.

#3 Must Have: Culture B.H.O. Indica Vape Pen

Let’s face it: the flavour doesn’t matter nearly as much as the colour. Have you ever seen someone with a black card and was like ‘Wow, I wish I had a card like that’? Forget the fact that they’re paying $200 a year just to own the card; it looks nice, and you want it now. The Culture B.H.O. pen is basically like that, but it’s got the brain to go with the brawn too. The taste is like nothing else – smooth, subtle, yet powerful. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

#4 Must Have: Nikki Stikki CBD Lip Balm

With cold winters come dry lips. Thanks to Nikki Stikki’s CBD Lip Balm, your lips can remain hydrated, and your mind relieved of stress! This is one of the true winter-necessities to get if you’re going to be outside moving a lot. The CBD content in the balm will make sure that your mind stays sharp and cool at all times.

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