5 Powerful Strains to Self Isolate With

During these unprecedented times, staying home and practicing social distancing is the most important thing people can do to be safe. With time to kill, look to BuddhaTime to make your isolation much more relaxing and enjoyable. In this blog post you can read about five potent and powerful strains that we recommend to indulge on during self isolation.

1. Cherry Pie (AAA Rated)

Cherry Pie, a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison, comes in dense nugs stuffed with orange hair with a tad of purple. It is an amazing smelling strain with a peppery and piney taste, and is considered to be an under-appreciated strain by many connoisseurs. This strain has been well known to deliver an exceptional relaxing high and stick around for a few hours. It definitely has the potential to glue you to the couch!

2. Megalodon (AAAA Rated)

This uplifting sativa could pose as intimidating to people due to its name and quad rating, but fear not. Megalodon is unique because it has three parent strains and is one of the best strains for depression and mood shifting. Originated in Canada, Megalodon has a strong aroma of fresh cut grass and skunkiness. The sativa promotes creativity and gives the user a heady high, it is said that this strain can be best enjoyed on any sunny day.

3. LSD (AAAA Rated)

LSD kush is well known for the powerful body buzz that casts upon its users near immediately. The potent hybrid is meant to deliver a euphoric experience with its fruity lemon taste and noticeable crystals on the exterior. This flower is great for pain relief and depression, and is said to improve your visuals after blazing up with it. Don’t worry though, you will not actually trip like a similar psychedelic, but do expect a strong cerebral stimulation.

4. Grapefruit (AAA Rated)

AAA Rated Grapefruit is a strong and potent sativa which is well known for it’s delicious grapefruit flavour and aroma. This strain works as a good stress reliever and is actually known to be helpful towards migraines. After blazing this up in quarantine, you will feel very uplifted, energetic, and even talkative. Roll up a joint at night time and enjoy it the next day under the sun to start your day, you won’t regret it!

5. Nuken (AAAA Rated)

This Canadian-born Indica has a sweet earthy and herbal aroma and produces thick white smoke, perfect for self-isolation! Nuken has the ability to keep you functional and busy, but don’t underestimate it or it’ll easily knock you down on any surface and keep you there. Expect the buds to be dense and coated with loads of mini crystals. Make sure to give these five strains a try while relaxing at home. It will make self-isolating much more enjoyable! By shopping at BuddhaTime, you are shopping with the #1 online dispensary in Canada. Start ordering weed online today! If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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