A sample of cannabis concentrates

A Beginners Guide to Marijuana Concentrates & Distillates

As the marijuana market continues to grow, new ways of consuming cannabis emerge to the users. Back in the day, the only way of consuming cannabis was by smoking a joint. Some more ‘advanced’ users knew how to bake them into brownies and other food items. Today, however, amongst the many methods cannabis can be consumed – smoking, vaping, oil droplets, and topical rubs – concentrates and marijuana distillates are quickly becoming some of the most populate methods.

Not sure what a cannabis distillate is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

What Are Cannabis Distillates?

We’ll define terms as this article goes on, so keep reading! Let’s begin with how distillates are made. A cannabis extract is a gel-like or hard plastic-like substance derived from marijuana flowers through various methods of compression and THC extraction. Certain concentrates such as CO2 oil or BHO uses additional alcohol-based solvents to achieve their final form. It’s worth noting here that although the use of alcohol in making distillates is not necessarily incorrect, it may add unnecessary impurities to the final product.

Of all marijuana products, marijuana distillates contain some of the highest concentration of THC or CBD, depending on the nature of the product. These products are highly versatile; you can use cannabis distillates along with edibles or with a dab rig, some specific concentrates, or even through a vape.

How are cannabis distillates made?

Cannabis distillates are made in two parts. In the first part, the manufacturer uses highly specialized equipment to isolate the terpenes from the cannabinoids, which can then be reintroduced to the distillate at a later process depending on the nature and flavour being produced.

After the terpenes have been removed, other particles such as lipids, impurities, and solvents are then also removed. This process leaves the remaining substance free of any odour and as potent as possible. This substance is then further refined through an evaporator that results in its fine and attractive state.

Why Should You Choose Cannabis Distillates?

The first no-brainer on why you would choose cannabis distillates over other marijuana products is its purity. Distillates have close to a 100% purity for THC or CBD depending on the product.

Compared to vape pens or edibles, you get all the benefits and effects from a marijuana flower without the unwanted additives or harmful chemicals. If you wish to forfeit the flavours and taste, it’s also possible to achieve a product that is odourless yet still retains the potency of cannabis. This is done by selecting specific terpenes and flavonoids. A distillate of this nature allows for discreet consumption in public while still getting the full effect that marijuana provides.

How to Consume Cannabis Distillates

As previously mentioned, there’s several methods of consuming distillates. We go through a few below, but since distillates are basically the purest form of THC, feel free to come up with your own innovative ways of consuming it!

Vaping Vaping is one of the fastest methods of consuming marijuana. All you need is a vaporizer pen and some sort of tank attached to it that can contain the distillate. If the temperature of your pen is adjustable, it’s all the better because distillates tend to vaporize at different points compared to shatter, wax, or budder.

Dabbing Similar to vaporization, dabbing brings the effects of cannabis almost instantaneously. Simply scoop a small amount of hardened distillate onto the nail of your favourite rig. Then, all you got to do is heat it and dab it!

Smoking If you’re old school like many of us, you may prefer to sprinkle a few drops of it onto your rolling paper when you’re packing a joint. A distillate-infused joint packs a much stronger punch than a plain jane joint, so you might want to pass it around with some friends instead of enjoying it alone.

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