Young Man and Women trying Edibles for the first time

A Quick Guide to Trying Edibles for the First Time

The choice of eating edibles over other methods of cannabis consumption is an easy decision for many people. Afterall, edibles take a while to kick in, but when they do, the effects last for a lot longer than vape pens, buds, or dabs, are a lot more intense than said alternatives, and provide very efficient highs. There’s no mistaking the high experienced when taking edibles.

Before you tab out and place yourself an order of Herbivores Edibles, we’ve got a few tips for you that will make your edible high much smoother and well-prepared. Because believe us; you won’t want to be caught off-guard with this caliber of high when you’re not expected or prepared for it.

Only the Best Edibles

When first starting off, many often go for the cheapest edibles just to “try them out”. While this may be a good idea given if you’re lucky, more times than not you may find yourself a piece of unbalanced gummy that does nothing to you the first three bites but have the last piece hit you harder than a truck.

For novices, it’s important to first try out the most popular brands, such as Twisted Extracts, Herbivores, just to name a few. Afterall, they’re proven to work, and work well. All of these brands go through very strict quality control testing to ensure their reputations are maintained. Once you’ve got a few tastes of what edibles can do, feel free to then start exploring some of the newer brands – you might find something you like there as well.

Small Portions First

Since the effects of edibles are so much stronger and longer-lasting than say smoking a joint, you might not want to overstep your limit. Start out slow by breaking off a chunk of whatever serving size your edible comes in, and then go from there. Most reputable edibles are user-friendly in that they offer 10mg of THC per portion that can be easily broken into chunks. This amount meets the typical “high threshold” for most novices starting out, and can be increased for those who have some sort of tolerance effect built up.

Give It Some Time

The worst thing you can do when taking edibles is to binge eat it. Though, most of the cases of eating too much comes from not feeling anything for the initial duration and hence overloading yourself for when it finally hits.

Usually edibles take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours before the effects are felt. This delay depends on your metabolism and how efficiently your body digests the content in your stomach. If you still feel nothing 45 minutes after your last serving, it is then fairly safe to eat another of equal amount.

Get Comfortable

For all first timers, it is important to be somewhere comfortable when taking edibles for the first time. Since the effect is so strong compared to vape pens or joints, you wouldn’t want to get caught off-guard when doing something that requires attention. Feel the effects out first. Once you get used to the level of high, you can then begin trying edibles in different settings other than the comfort of your couch.

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