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Beginner’s Guide to Learning Your Tolerance

Can You Really Have Too Much Weed?

The answer is an unfortunate yes. Whether you’re a novice smoker, a cannabis connoisseur, or an edible activist; sooner or later you’re likely going to have a ‘bad trip’ that totally messes with your mind and body and makes you wish the high would end, or at least mellow out a bit. As much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all been there, and it doesn’t feel good! Let’s get one thing straight before we go further: regardless of how much weed is consumed, you’re not going to overdose and die. You may die from consuming another substance during or after smoking weed, but just marijuana itself is not going to kill you. Unlike opioid receptors, cannabiniod receptors are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, it is impossible to have a lethal overdose from cannabis. However, it is best to avoid any unpleasant experiences associated with having too much. Next comes the question: how much is too much? For starters, it’s good to start off with small portions, and not to mix weed with any other substances such as alcohol. Then, once you start to feel out your tolerance levels, you’ll get a better grasp of how much weed your system can process before it starts feeling weird.

Accidently Overstepped

As much as we can avoid, sometimes you just accidently overstep your limit and become baked out of your mind. What do you do now? Are there any ways to escape? The most important part of being too high is to keep calm. Panicking never helps. Constantly remind yourself that the experience will eventually end is the best way to cope with overstepping your tolerance. Keep yourself hydrated and nourished with snacks while you wait for the effects to end. If you have any CBD around, consider taking some, as cannabidiol can lessen the effects of THC intoxication. However, make sure that it’s pure CBD – you wouldn’t want to take something with 10% CBD and 90% THC at a time like this. Few other things you can try while waiting for the high to die down include the following:
  • Take a stroll outside
  • Take a warm shower
  • Try some sugar
  • Take a nap
While the experience can potentially be traumatizing, if you follow the above suggestions, you might just have an enjoyable over-trip. Just keep calm and try out small things you would regularly do in your daily routine. All things come to an end, both good and bad!

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