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The Best Buds

You can always measure good bud based on how it looks and feels. Take comfort in the fact that BuddhaTime carries only the best bud in the market.

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Professionally Graded

Our strains have all been inspected by trusted cannabis professionals to determine what the grade is, and that the bud is generously priced according to the grade.

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Indica, Sativa & Hybrid

Whether you are looking to sink into the couch, socialize, or something in between, look no further than BuddhaTime to find quality strains to make that happen.


We Know Good Weed

Good quality cannabis is important. It’s grown with great care and the various strains are cultivated in such a way that not only do they make you feel incredible but their taste and smell are very pleasing as well.  We take pride in providing the best inventory of cannabis around, both in terms of taste and in quality.

The grade of the strain of course is paramount. As the Canadian cannabis industry continues to grow exponentially, we align ourselves with some of the best farmers in Canada to ensure the highest quality strains for our customers – this means grown with love, naturally, and without unnecessary pesticides. Our final products are then inspected by hand for quality assurance purposes before sent off to our customers.


Our Primary Mission

We are proud to offer our customers the finest cannabis strains in Canada. At BuddhaTime, we focus on quality, potency, and selling you all around great cannabis to meet all any recreational, therapeutic, or medical needs. Our knowledgeable customer service department helps you with knowing your options and making informed decisions to aid you on your quest for relief, relaxation, and wellness. Our range of products are all processed in clean and secure environments and their high quality and diversity can ensure that your experience with us, from beginning to end, is smooth, simple, and most of all, meets your highest expectations.