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BuddhaTime’s Heavy Hitter THC Edibles

Are you looking to get absolutely baked? Twisted Extracts’ multi-flavoured jelly bombs aren’t doing it for you anymore? Look no further than BuddhaTime’s house brand edibles, the Heavy Hitters THC gummies!

Jokes aside, whether if you’ve been in the edibles game for a while, or are just starting out, this new line of Heavy Hitter gummies has got something in store for you. Aside from what the unsubtle marijuana leaf and its 120 milligrams of Death Bubba Kief may suggest, these edibles are actually very newbie friendly. Just make sure you don’t have plans line up for the rest of the day.

The Finest Ingredients

After having handled through dozens of edible brands, the research and development team at BuddhaTime has cultivated their own recipe for the “perfect edible”, modeled after several other homerun products. We’ve kept the ingredients completely natural and free of any additives. Sticking to the healthiest ingredients possible, these Heavy Hitter gummies do not contain any unnecessary artificial ingredients that can pose as dangers to health. We’ve kept it 100, just like all the other products we carry.

Aside from an overwhelming abundance of AAAA-grade death bubba, other ingredients include Monini’s extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, gelatin, filtered water, and most importantly, Kraft Foods Jell-O. We’re listing out these ingredients not for you to try making them yourself, but because we want you to be informed on exactly what’s going into these Heavy Hitters. Now if only those vape pen suppliers down in the States would do the same.

Unbeatable Value Proposition

Imagine this: $17 for 12 servings of THC edibles, infused with the most potent Death Bubba strains nationwide. Knock that down by $2 more when you buy a pair and you’ll have yourself an unbeatable value proposition. While most manufacturers are focused on cutting cost by infusing the lowest grade buds into edibles, the team here at BuddhaTime are focused on how to provide cannabis users the best highs at the best price.

Relieves your Every Problem

Believe it or not, these Heavy Hitter edibles will relieve almost all your problems. Relief from financial and relationship problems aside, these little gummies provide you the best stress relief, pain relief, and anxiety relieving effects. Whether you’ve had a long day at work and want to calm down to a soothing evening, or are just looking to get irresponsibly baked, BuddhaTime’s Heavy Hitter edibles is the solution to your every problem.

Additionally, since the death bubba strain is one of the most infamous indica strains, it’ll do a great job if you’re having trouble falling asleep. However, because of its relaxing and soothing effects, it is not advised to consume these gummies while in social situations.

With all the above benefits, we believe that these Heavy Hitter edibles is certainly an edible to try, whether you’re into edibles at all. If you have a question about any of our products, or want to try out other THC edibles but are unsure, feel free to contact our support team today.

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