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High THC Content

Concentrates are the purest form of THC in existence. If you’re looking for a powerful hit of cannabis, look no further than our concentrates.

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Dabs to Distillates

There are many forms of concentrates, from dabs and oils to distillates and crumbles – explore all that BuddhaTime has to offer!

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Respect The Body

Our concentrates are extracted from the highest quality marijuana plants, so rest assured of the quality of them when in use!


The Realm of Concentrates

The scope of cannabis concentrates is very large and its history of us has been long established. The earliest known uses of concentrated cannabis has been traced back about 10,000 years in the mountains of China. Fast forward to today, cannabis concentrates are formulated with modern technologies and extractions methods to produce quality products.

With the legalization of marijuana and the progressive acknowledgement of its benefits, the demand and growing consumer interest has pushed the innovation of refining methods that are used, and as a result, new forms of concentrates are cropping up. Concentrates offer various choices for cannabis consumers, whether they are looking to intensify their high or experience different flavour profiles. Additionally, medical marijuana has been proved to provide vast benefits to patients and is being turned to in increasingly larger numbers in the form of concentrates for direct, affordable and effective relief.


BuddhaTime Concentrates

As the use of concentrate steadily increases, some cannabis strains are gaining popularity in terms of wax extraction. Such strains are selected for their high THC levels in addition to their terpene and trichome content. BuddhaTime offers high quality concentrates and first-rate accessory products within their Canada-wide market, so that customers are left feeling fulfilled and gratified in every way.

Our products are lab-tested for their percentages of THC and CBD, and their product descriptions cover the various attributes of each product – from flavours and aromas to effects and the strain history and physiology. We are committed to offering a fully customized personal shopping experience so that the guesswork is taken out of the equation and clients receive outstanding service and product.