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Debunked: Smoking Weed Cures Coronavirus

Recently, claims have emerged that cannabis can “kill coronavirus,” according to multiple shared posts on popular social media platforms. The usually sensible cannabis community has let out a strange myth in a time where the only thing spreading faster than fake news is the virus itself. Can weed really cure the 2019-nCov? On Tuesday, February 18th, the World Health Organization has declared that there are currently no known substance or treatment that can prevent or cure the 2019 coronavirus. Though, there have been an increasing number of cases where patients recover from the virus. As of Monday, February 17th, China has unveiled its prototype antiviral drug against the 2019-nCov. However, the World Health Organization has yet to approve it, and its list of ingredients has yet to be disclosed to the public. The drug must first be approved by the WHO before it can enter the user economy. Makes sense.

Can Marijuana Help Cure Coronavirus?

Given how many medical conditions cannabis can treat, it comes as no surprise that people would assume it cures coronavirus as well. When speaking of the medical properties of cannabis, we are specifically referring to the CBD component of its genetic makeup. CBD is widely known to treat various conditions such as epilepsy, depression, anxiety, bodily pain and more. However, the above conditions can prove vastly different from the 2019-nCov that has the world closing boarders and even airports as a whole. In fact, cannabinoids affect the body in a completely different way than the virus, giving the two zero connection to each other.

More Importantly – Is Coronavirus Even Curable?

It’s not the first time the internet has hoaxed a substance to be the cure for coronavirus. Early in the year, some parties claimed that garlic and ginger tea can eliminate the virus. Both were proved to be hoaxes by the World Health Organization. Some communities and Asia also believed Pu’erh tea to be a potential cure and prevention measure for the virus, though that was debunked as well. Is the 2019-nCov even curable? It’s still too early to say. Scientists from all over the world have been hard on researching for a cure since day 1 of its outbreak, and some have reported to be close on achieving results. With that being said, whatever the cure is and whenever it does become public, it likely won’t have anything to do with cannabis.

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