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Meticulously Portioned

BuddhaTime edibles won’t knock you off your feet out of nowhere. The products we carry contain clearly measured amounts of THC for easy, safe consumption.

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Taste Test Approved

When you purchase an edible, you’re not looking to just get high – you also want to enjoy the taste! All BuddhaTime edibles have passed our taste tests for maximum enjoyment for the user.

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The Safest Edibles

All BuddhaTime edibles go through safety screenings to ensure that they are of the highest quality. No need to worry with BuddhaTime edibles!


Premium Canadian Edibles

Canada has long been associated with quality marijuana and its popularity is famous around the world. It’s this premium Canadian product that is supplied to the many dispensaries around the country and is used to create exceptional edibles. Great care and pride is taken in fulfilling each of our client’s order to their highest satisfaction. Edibles made with Canadian quality marijuana are especially popular with patients who may not be able to ingest their medicine in the traditional ways. We understand and support the important for access of edibles to those who need it for therapeutic reasons.


Edibles To Fit Your Lifestyle

There was a time when the term “edibles” conjured up images of unsightly cookies or plastic-wrapped stale brownies that you cooked up in your own kitchen. These days, there’s a vast variety of designer cannabis products. BuddhaTime offers many of these, such as highly potent extracts, THC infused candies and multiple craft-grown flower strains, as well as an array of vaporizer pens to appeal to all – from the beginner to the connoisseur. Incorporate BuddhaTime products into your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits and the discreet convenience of our exceptional brand delivered to your door. You can feel rest assured that your order will arrive by courier in unmarked and odourless packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Marijuana Edibles


Are Marijuana Edibles Truly Safe?

Given you shop from a trusted source and purchase the edibles from a reputable brand – yes, it is definitely safe, as long as you know your limits and don’t take too much. Unlike having to measure hash and dab portions without accidentally having too much, marijuana edibles are one of the few methods that is simple and safe to consume.


How Many Milligrams of THC Should I Take at Once?

If you are just starting out, the recommended amount of THC for a novice is 5-10mg. In a Twisted Extract edible, that is approximately half to one full nipple of a Lego block. Other edible brands such as Herbivores  utilize other unique shapes to help guide users to their desired portions. Always start with a low amount and build up from there!


How Long do the Effects of Edibles Last?

The effects of edibles can last anywhere between 2 to 6 hours or more, depending on the amount of THC taken. Usually a standard portion of 10mg of THC can have lasting effects of 3-4 hours. During this period, your body will feel a high different from the usual head-high produced from joints or vape pens. Keep yourself comfy and enjoy the experience.


How Long Before Marijuana Edibles Expire?

Generally, the expiration date for marijuana edibles should be treated as any of its food counterparts. Items such as gummies and hard candy have a safe best-before date of approximately 6 months, while baked goods such as brownies or cookies usually last around 1-2 months before drying up. Use your best judgment if you plan on leaving edibles uneaten for a long time!


For a Party – Should I Have Indica or Sativa?

As a rule of thumb, if you expect to be in a social situation where conversations will be tossed around often, Sativa would likely be your best bet. On the contrary, if the party you are attending is in a lounging setting, you may consider having Indica edibles instead. At the end of the day, take Sativa if you want to focus on a topic, and Indica if you wish to thoroughly relax.