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Enjoy the High Without the Smell

The potent odour of cannabis comes from two organic compounds called terpenes and terpenoids, also found in most flowers. These smelly molecules have an effect on the way cannabinoids is processed, and plays a significant role in the flavor and smell of the cannabis strain. Terpenoids are organic chemicals derived from terpenes which is a strong odour produced by plants to protect themselves from herbivores. The terpenes produced lures in predator and parasite of herbivores. Since its legal to smoke cannabis in Canada, it seems like a daunting task to eliminate the strong smell of cannabis, however your building, like most, may have a no smoking policy. On the other hand, you simply may want to keep your privacy by mitigating the chances of surroundings smelling weed. Here are four solutions to enjoy your high without the smell.

Personal Compact Air Filter

With the growing cannabis industry, the list of accessories continues to expand. We have found that the Smoke Buddy, a personal compact air filter where you exhale your smoke comes with high ratings. It uses the Ceramic Bead technology and an activated carbon core to purify the smoke, ultimately eliminating the smell.

Activated Charcoal Air Filters

As mentioned above, activated charcoal contains purifying properties that cleans the air. Going further into the nature of activated charcoal, it’s made of millions of tiny pores that attract and absorb organic compounds to eliminate odours. Change your regular air filter in your house or your car for an activated charcoal air filter as it’ll ensure to catch lingering dust and purify any odours.


The combustion of cannabis from a joint or bong creates the potent smell, therefore switching to a vape pen removes the combustion. The cannabis scent that comes from a vape pen is in a purer format, allowing the molecule of the smoke to dissolve quicker. Depending on how discreet you want to be, using a vaporize will still giving you the high you’re looking for with a weaker scent.

Burn Incense

Spiritual Indian spaces such as temples often burn an incense known by the name of Nag Champa. It is now recognized as one of the most popular aroma because of its earthy tones. This incense eliminates overpowering scents and smoke, while providing relaxing benefits from the sandalwood aroma. If this scent doesn’t appeal to you, there’s an array of other incenses available that cover the scent of cannabis. More products are available to support you in alleviating the smell of cannabis, but they disclaim that it’s used to mask versus eliminating the odour altogether.
  1. Light your favorite candle to add another aroma to your space.
  2. Add a draft stopper to your door to make sure that your smoke isn’t sneaking out under your door and over to your neighbors.
  3. An essential oil diffuser offers some great health benefits, including purifying odours. The aromas recommended for removing odours are lemon, tea tree and lavender oil.
As seen in a perfume store, a jar of whole coffee beans placed on a side table will combat odours and offer a coffee aroma.

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