Gorilla Glue On a Marijuana Plant

Gorilla Glue: A True Cannabis Classic

A true stoner favourite, Gorilla Glue is a multiple-award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, known for its high THC content. At an average THC content of 18-25%, this classic strain is known to knock even veteran smokes on their heels. In fact, you can even find strains of Gorilla Glue with THC content as high as 32%, if you search hard enough! In contrast, a major draw of this strain is its amazingly low CBD content. At just 0.1% CBD, Gorilla Glue has earned its title of one of the world’s most potent strains.

Strain Characteristics

Gorilla Glue’s name comes from the build-up of resin on the scissors that trim it! It’s technically a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, but you can actually trace its family tree back to Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and the ever-loved Sour Diesel. It’s strong, colourful, and very potent! Crack open a bag of Gorilla Glue and you’ll notice that within a few minutes, the room is filled with the sweet aroma of coffee and chocolate. A dead giveaway of this strain is its iridescent, green buds with their sparkling orange hairs.

The Gorilla Glue High

So, earlier on in this post we mentioned that Gorilla Glue is quite… Strong! We wouldn’t recommend using this strain in the morning, as it’s powerful effects aren’t a good match with heading off to work, being social, or doing anything productive. On the contrary, this is the perfect strain to enjoy after you’re done your day. Take a seat on the couch, fire up Netflix, and then fire up some Gorilla Glue! You can expect a strong, full-body high that eventually makes its way to your head. Together with the body buzz, you can expect an uplifting, cerebral sensation.

So, Why Gorilla Glue?

Good question! While Gorilla Glue isn’t particularly effective for more serious medical conditions, such as seizures, cancer, and problems with the central nervous system, it’s great for treating minor mental ailments. People who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will all benefit from this strain. As an added bonus, Gorilla Glue is effective as a moderately powerful pain killer, particularly for headaches and migraines. So, to summarize, we think that you’ll love Gorilla Glue as a go-to strain for the ultimate in chill, relaxation time. Careful, though, it’s a hard-hitting strain that really lives up to its name.

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