Lots of weed in mason jars

Guidelines On How To Store Weed

When it comes to storing cannabis, there are key elements to know about, especially if you are purchasing bulk and storing it for a long period of time. Generally, cannabis is best preserved in a cool, dark place. Although each strain is different and has its own unique properties, the factors described below will help keep your cannabis fresh.

Ideal Temperatures

Since cannabis is an organic product, there is a chance that mildew and other molds will begin to grow. The ideal temperature that mildew and mold will thrive in is between 25° to 30°C, therefore keeping your cannabis in a cool place will make a difference. Hot air will also dry out cannabinoids and terpenes, and cause harsh smoke. Whereas, cool air will slow down the process of decarboxylation of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Storing your cannabis on a top shelf isn’t ideal since hot air rises, instead store it in a low cabinet where the cool air will be. Additionally, warm air holds more moisture in comparison to cold air, leading to the next factor.

Humidity Factor

Storing your cannabis in a controlled environment where the temperature and humidity doesn’t fluctuate a lot will help keep the mildew and mold away. The humidity range that preserves the colour, consistency and aroma of cannabis is between 59% to 63%. So, keeping your cannabis outside or in a bathroom is not ideal to as the humidity and temperature vary. If the air is too dry, the trichomes and essential oil will dry out, but if the air is too humid, it’ll attract mildew. Therefore, having the perfect controlled balance is important.

Light Settings

When cannabis is exposed to UV rays, the organic components of the cannabis will begin to break down. In 1970’s the University of London found that light is one of the most significant factor when it comes to degradation of cannabinoids. That same study concluded that cannabis can be stored for up to two years under the right conditions. It’s possible to store and consume weed for a longer period of time, but essential oils will inevitably break down.

Air Control

Cannabis needs oxygen when its growing and curing, however once it has been cut it doesn’t need the same amount of oxygen. On one hand, if it doesn’t have any air it will affect the humidity and on the other hand too much air will enable a quick degradation process. Preserve your cannabis somewhere where there isn’t too much air flow, but enough for the cannabis to breathe so that it doesn’t get too humid. These four factors will help preserve your cannabis, keep it fresh and to its closest original form. There are also many accessories available designed to store your cannabis with the right temperature, humidity, light and air control.

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