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How Marijuana Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

As the usage of marijuana continues to become more widespread, many people are turning to its products to in hopes of managing anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Although more scientific research is needed to confirm of its benefits, evidences and anecdotal reports proving marijuana to be calming for most people continues to surface.

A Self-Medicating Process

The process of “self-medicating” refers to the use of a product or substance to treat any problems you may have. The process in and of itself usually relieves the user, which then reinforces itself. Initially, the substance taken generally benefits the user, be it medical prescriptions or cannabis. As time goes on, the medication effects may weaken, your body might build up a tolerance for it, but the effect can still feel the same.

The Prowess of CBD

If you’re looking to use cannabis exclusively to treat anxiety, we recommend you to turn your attention to products high in CBD content, or even THC-Free CBD products if you wish to go to that extent. CBD is the healing compound in a marijuana plant, otherwise known as the counterpart of THC. In a marijuana plant, the THC component is responsible for the high the user feels, while the CBD component grants healing effects to the user. Marijuana products low in THC and high in CBD are much more likely to yield beneficial effects without introducing any of the dry mouth, sleepiness, or other negative effects that is associated with getting high. Other than anxiety, CBD is also known to treat a wide variety of symptoms such as depression, muscle soreness, headaches, epilepsy, and more.

Which CBD Product Is Best for Me?

In the cannabis market today, there is a wide range of CBD products for you to choose from. We list below a few of the most popular and proven options available but also invite you to find what works best for you.

Vape Pens
A CBD vape pen is the most convenient way for CBD to be consumed in a discreet manner. Whether you are at home alone or outside with friends, a puff of your pen can alleviate all feelings of anxiety you may be feeling. Odourless and easy to administer, a vape pen is one of the most popular methods for CBD consumption.

Marijuana & CBD Edibles
A common theme along the most popular of CBD products, discreet consumption and ease to administer ranks high on the scale of importance. CBD edibles is another one of our all-time favourites. Consuming CBD orally foregoes the speedy effectiveness of a vape pen but also removes the need to puff on a pen – a stigma some users wish not to be associated with. Hopefully, we’ve offered some useful advice that can help you alleviate some of your anxiety. Take a browse through our selection of THC and CBD products, we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

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