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The Best Buds

You can always measure good bud based on how it looks and feels. Take comfort in the fact that BuddhaTime carries only the best bud on the market.

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Professionally Graded

Our strains are all inspected by trusted cannabis professionals to determine what the grade is, and the bud is then priced accordingly.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Skilled producers choose the best strains of both Sativa and Indica and mix them to create super strains that retain the best qualities from each.


The Modern Strain

The majority of today’s cannabis strains are indeed hybrids. BuddhaTime offers some pretty incredible hybrid strains that combine both Sativa and Indica species. These strains really do offer the best aspects of each of their original species, allowing for a favorable mixed end-result. It’s no wonder they are quite popular.

As hybrid strains use a varying ratio of more or less of each strain, it means that strains are can be more Sativa dominant or Indica dominant – or balanced equally between the two. This allows for designing strains that have more or less of a desired effect and this is advantageous in treating each individual’s primary goal in using them. In other words, a customer could use a hybrid for pain management or therapeutic benefits that they may need, while also needing to stay alert and focused to go about their day. It can be the best of both worlds.


The Varying Strain Dominance

As each hybrid strain has varying levels of THC and CBD, they yield different kinds of effects on the brain. Since they are custom produced with the most agreeable traits of both strains, hybrid strains offer a balance of between the Sativa and the Indica. That being said, due to this unique nature of taking elements from each parent plant, there are also differences amongst hybrids as well.

Hybrids which are dominant in Indica marijuana provide a stronger and more heightened effect, making them perfect for pain relief or helping to fall asleep at night. Alternately, hybrids which are more Sativa dominant elicit a calming feeling, which results in an uplifting feeling both mentally and physically and as such, tend to be more suitable for use during the day.