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Is It Safe to Buy Weed Online?

As more and more online dispensaries start to pop up online, one may begin to wonder: are all these dispensaries trustworthy? What’s the difference between dispensary A and dispensary B? Today, we here at BuddhaTime are here to debunk many myths and truths about buying weed online, and whether it is safe to buy weed online from cannabis dispensaries.

Is Buying Weed Online Safe?

First and foremost, is it safe to buy weed from online dispensaries? The short answer is, yes. The longer answer is, depending on which online dispensary you’re buying from. There are more than dozens of online dispensaries at the fingertips of those looking to explore options online. Like all other things in life, some are better than others, and for various different reasons.

How to Tell Good Online Dispensaries from Bad

One thing that’s for sure: the line between good dispensaries and bad are often blurred because of all the elements and variables involved. For example, an online dispensary may have excellent customer support and shipping times but offers the absolute worst product quality and charges $100 for shipping. Would you consider this a good dispensary or bad? See what we’re getting at? With that said, there are a few things that customers often rank dispensaries on, based on how well they do on these items. Below are a few:
  • Product quality in relation to price
  • Product selection and the brands carried
  • Customer support response time and issue resolution
  • Shipping time and cost
  • Overall professionalism of the website

Is My Dispensary Overcharging Me?

The first item on the list is the product quality in relation to price. To find out whether your dispensary is on the more expensive and luxurious end of the scale, consider doing a quick search on the products you’re purchasing. If other dispensaries are charging a lesser price for a similar quality product, chances are, you might be paying more than you should. However, if the quality of products offered by your go-to dispensary is the best you’ve ever tried, and is a bit more expensive than other sites, then it is likely for a good reason.

Do You Have Umm… Culture Vape Pens?

Another tell-tale sign of distinguishing good dispensaries from bad is the range of products they carry. If an online dispensary is subpar in both their operations and customer base, top cannabis brands will not want to be associated with them or let them carry their products. However, do keep in mind that newer dispensaries may still be in the process of getting branded products onto their sites. This process can usually take between 3-6 months, so keep that in mind.

Where Is My Order? Canada Post Please Help?

Typically, one of the most important factors too many online dispensary shoppers is the response time from customer support. If you’ve placed more than 3-5 order, you’ve likely had to contact customer support at one point in time. Whether it’s to ask for your tracking code because your service provider decided to sort it into Junk, or to complain about the quality of strain you received (hopefully never with us), you likely want to receive a reply as soon as you send it off. Does the customer support representative listen to you? What is the standard operating procedure for issue resolution? Does the FAQ section answer the questions you have in mind? Questions like these can really differentiate a good dispensary from bad.

Where Is My Order??? (Part 2)

Let’s face it: shipping a package from the East coast to West coast and wanting it delivered in 2 days is expensive. You might not think about it often, but the truth is, an average order with a vape kit packed into an envelope can cost upwards of $55 to ship across the country. Many online dispensaries choose to swallow this cost in exchange for a higher order total from customers – ie. Orders above $200 qualifies for free shipping. Other dispensaries charge a flat reduced rate, such as $20 shipping when the actual cost is $30. Regardless of what your dispensary is doing, if you feel that the price and shipping times are fair, that’s all it matters. Fortunately, this is something that can be spotted out immediately at checkout, and if the prices aren’t to your liking, you’ve likely bounced from the site anyways.

Why Is My Online Dispensary’s Site Broken?

This next point is more-so objective. Does your dispensary’s site look more like, or more like The latter link doesn’t exist, but you get the idea. Appearance aside, if functionalities are breaking left and right while you’re trying to place an order, that may be a deterrent from purchasing from the site. Also consider the language used on the site. Is it professional? Or more casual? Many shoppers don’t mind either as it tells the brand personality clearly through words. Just keep an eye out for inconsistencies in tones. Additionally, poor grammar can also serve as a major red light as it may indicate the site being located and operated by parties outside of the continent.

Given the above tips, there are still few things out there that can be used to tell good online dispensaries from bad. If you have any questions or doubts in your current online dispensary, feel free to send us a message! We’re happy to assist and will try our best to not up-sell you.

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