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An Important Notice Regarding Recent Canada wide News of Harmful Vape Distillate Additives

An issue recently sprouted in the cannabis/e-cigarette/vaporizer industry has come to our attention at BuddhaTime which we find worthwhile addressing. Recent news broke out regarding harmful additives being added as an ingredient to vape pens and distillates in certain brands which we do not carry. While none of our products are affected, we would like to take this opportunity to issue a formal statement on the matter The harmful ingredients found in certain brands of vape pens and distillates are namely Vegetable Glycerin (VG), MCT Oil, Vitamin E, and other additive acetates. These ingredients, once inhaled in large volumes can pose as a threat to the human body, specifically in the lungs. We advise all of our customers to shop only from credible sources especially at a time like this, and to avoid brands who are unclear or even pretentious about the makeup of their products. By shopping on BuddhaTime, you are assured to be browsing only the safest and highest grade products available nationwide. All of our products are tested to be safe to the human body and are derived from nature. We sincerely wish each and every customer good health, and happy shopping on

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