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    We’re really excited to carry this strain and it could easily be one of the best daytime strains this reviewer has had in a long time. This bud is aromatic and fresh, it smells like a good day ahead. It truly lives up to the BC end of its name as it’s beautiful leafy bud that is a lively green contrast.

    It has equal parts CBD and THC, it’s perfect for all of you with aches and pains that need to get on with the day. BC CBD also has an uplifting feeling; try it on a Monday and it’ll make the day like Thursday.

    If you’ve been looking for a solid CBD heavy strain that’s got some of the stoned relaxation of THC without knocking you out, then this is it.

    It’s a rare find so enjoy it while it lasts, we’ll do our best to keep it in stock.

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    $10.00 - $11.50 / Gram $9.50 - $11.00 / Gram

    Charlotte’s Web is a rare strain with incredibly high CBD content compared to THC (0.3% – 1.0% THC). Charlotte’s Web is made up of roughly 15 to 20% CBD, which is 300 times more CBD than standard recreational strains. It was originally cultivated in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte, and since then it has grown in popularity due to it’s healing properties. It is a hemp based product with little to no “high” effect, which is great for those who need to medicate but still need to work through their day at normal levels.

    PLEASE NOTE: While Quad strains are typically made up of large nugs, the nugs for this strain are smaller than our standard Quads. Don’t let that fool you though, this is still one of the highest quality strains available on the market.

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