Aira Vape Pen Battery & USB Charger

Aira Vape Pen Kit

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    Need a new pen base? No problem! Aira’s here to help. Aira Vape Pen Battery & USB Charger is a perfect choice. As a bonus, it will work with any 510 thread cartridge you may already have!

    Aira is a new high-quality vape pen manufacturer known for its high-quality meets high-style products. This battery unit is compatible with all 510 Threaded refill cartridges and includes functions like variable voltage and preheat. The Aira vape pen battery also comes with a handy USB charger, for the ultimate in portability and convenience.

    If you need a replacement pen base, try Aira’s Vape Pen Battery & USB Charger. You’ll be glad you did!

    Instructions For Use:

    • 5 quick button presses to turn On/Off.
    • 3 quick button presses to change voltage power (white is low, green is middle/optimal, red is high powered).
    • 2 quick button presses to activate the 15-second Pre-Heat function (LED will blink). Press the button again to turn off Pre-Heat.
    • Hold down the button to Pre-Heat manually and enjoy full, thick pulls.