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    Aawakn Wellness’ new 1500mg 30ml CBD is one of a find. It is high potency and offers all the benefits of CBD through a tincture droplet. Made in British Columbia using the best CDB flower and organic MCT Oil

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    These disposable CBD vape pens from Culture come pre-loaded with 250MG of CBD Full Spectrum Distillate. This blend is extremely low THC (0.2% or less) and created with fast acting, long lasting pain relief in mind. A quick pull relieves headaches, muscle pain, and other chronic pains fast. With no THC you can go about your day with no psychoactive effects. With no battery to recharge, all you do is take a drag and enjoy. You can expect to get approx. 150 pulls from the built in Lithium Battery and Ceramic Coil & Burner. Ideal storage is at temperatures above freezing but below 35 degrees Celsius, and stored with the pen cap down to eliminate burner issues. The vape pens have No PG, No PEG, No MTC, and No VG and are a proprietary blend from Culture.

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    Introducing the new industry-standard for CBD delivery, bioavailablility, and convenience! Rēva Water-Soluble CBD is pure, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol that is Canadian-made, non-GMO, guaranteed to be THC-Free, and 100% water-soluble for maximum bioavailability. It’s been a long-proven fact that the human body absorbs greater amounts of water-soluble CBD than standard CBD oils — and with Rēva, it’s formulated for daily use in a convenient liquid. Just one dropper per day is all it takes to experience the incredible health benefits of CBD.

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    BuddhaTime THC liquid is made with premium quality THC distillate, from cannabis frown without the use of pesticides. THC distillate is psychoactive and contains terpenes and other residual cannabinoids for a full-body cannabis experience. The water soluble nature of this product allows for your body to absorb more of the THC, so start with a small dose. Half a dropper contains 0.7mL of THC, and everything in this tincture is GMO-Free and vegan!

    • Water-dispersible THC allows for adding the cannabis to any water-based drink.
    • Add it to your tea, pop, coffee, or kombucha. Wherever your day takes you.
    • Liquid is micro-biologically stable and safe.
    • High quality THC distillate oil creates powerful high that lasts for 1-2 hours with 15-30 minute onset time.
    • Non-GMO, Made in Canada, pesticide-free.
    • Ideal for recreational fun and treating inflammation, anxiety and stress.
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    Cannira-L is a fast acting, pharma-grade (99.9% pure) liquid CBD that is extracted from Industrial Hemp. Cannira-L contains water soluble CBD for greater bioavailability than traditional CBD oils on the market. It can be dispensed direction into the mouth, or mixed with your favourite foods and beverages. Cannira-L CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that provides a wide range of therapeutic and general health benefits – guaranteed to be THC-free.

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    Canadian-made, Reva Water-Soluble CBD Capsules offers pure, pharmaceutical-grade relief. Just one, easy-to-swallow capsule per day is all it takes with Reva’s water-soluble CBD. This cannabidiol product is also non-GMO and totally guaranteed to be THC-Free. We’re proud to stand behind Reva CBD as a proven product in an industry wherein not many products are fully proven to work for customers. It’s also 100% water-soluble and specially formulated for maximum bioavailability, so your body can take full advantage of its benefits. Reva CBD has been tested by North American labs, and has been proven to be very effective for daily use.