Bomb THC Diamonds Pink Kush


THC Diamonds are the latest extraction that’s been taking the market by storm. Why are diamonds so popular? They’re really pure and are quite turpy so they’re full of flavour. You don’t need much of it and you can either add it to some flower or dab it. 

A relative of OG Kush, Pink Kush is  more flavorful in terms of the vanilla-like flavour within it. Like OG it’s an indica that’s good for relaxation and creates a euphoric feel. Don’t let Pink in the name fool you. Yeah it’s fancy but so is Dennis Rodman.

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Strain Effects Profile

Euphoric Feelings
Stress Relief
Pain Relief
Depression Relief

Meticulously Portioned

BuddhaTime edibles won’t knock you off your feet out of nowhere. The products we carry contain clearly measured amounts of THC for easy, safe consumption.

Taste Test Approved

When you purchase an edible you’re not looking to just get high, you also want to enjoy the taste! Our edibles have passed our taste tests for maximum enjoyment.

The Safest Edibles

Our edibles are always passed though safety screenings to ensure that we sell only the highest quality edibles. No need to worry with BuddhaTime edibles!

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Premium Canadian Edibles

Canada has long been associated with quality marijuana and its popularity is famous around the world. It’s this premium Canadian product that is supplied to the many dispensaries around the country and is used to create exceptional edibles. Great care and pride is taken in fulfilling each of our client’s order to their highest satisfaction. Edibles made with Canadian quality marijuana are especially popular with patients who may not be able to ingest their medicine in the traditional ways. We understand and support the important for access of edibles to those who need it for therapeutic reasons.

We’ve Got the Munchies

Edibles To Fit Your Lifestyle

There was a time when the term edibles conjured up images of unsightly cookies or plastic-wrapped stale brownies that you cooked up in your own kitchen. These days, there’s a vast variety of designer cannabis products. BuddhaTime offers many of these, such as highly potent extracts, THC infused candies and multiple craft-grown flower strains, as well as an array of vaporizer pens to appeal to all – from the beginner to the connoisseur. Incorporate BuddhaTime products into your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits and the discreet convenience of our exceptional brand delivered to your door.


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