Thai Koh Saumi

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Thai Koh Saumi is a potent strain of cubensis from Thailand.  This particular Thai strain of mushroom albeit not very tall, is abnormally thick.  Often the shape of this strain doesn’t always grow in the typical formation.  However, as they say… “the stranger they grow, the more potent they are”. 🙂  We have heard nothing but great feedback from people who’ve experienced the Thai adventure.  Some claim it as the most potent cubensis they’ve tried.  Recently, customers have specifically asking for Thai Koh Saumi by name!  Judge one for yourself today, but hurry!  They go out of stock fast!

Uses:  Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Mood Enhancement, Alter Reality, Mental Health, Creativity

People take magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons – mental health, mood enhancement, boost creativity, understanding the universe, feel closer to one’s higher power, or to alter reality. Research shows a definitive link between the consumption of shrooms and its positive effects on mental health.  Microdosing with psilocybin, for example, is becoming a widely researched and accepted treatment for mental health conditions.  The list of benefits studied thus far include addiction, anxiety and clinical depression.  No matter what your reason may be, we’ve got you!  Our selection of psilocybin shrooms, capsules and edibles is vast and increasing in popularity.

Thai Mushrooms, generally known for their vivid visual and creative effects, are extremely enjoyable, and highly potent.  Subsequently, this is not the ideal choice for beginners. The positive feedback, specifically regarding anti-depression, anti-anxiety, and anti-stress from this strain speaks volumes.   It’s not a wonder now why the Thai locals gather every month during their full moon festival.  It’s the perfect celebration and location to cherish and consume sacred shrooms.


“Magic Mushrooms” have been around since the beginning of time.  They can typically be found in ancient glyphs.  So far, there’s only about 180 or more strains found that contain the magical psychoactive compounds.  Additionally, the Thai strains are rarely found outside of Thailand.  Ethnomycologist, John Allen discovered this strain on Koh Samui Island.  This was one of the first few strains discovered outside the New World.

*Please note:  Indoor cultivation may increase the concentration levels of psilocybin. Potency can vary greatly from one batch to another and from one part (caps, stems, etc..) to another. Because of these natural and unpredictable occurrences, we highly recommend mixing, chopping or grinding up more than one mushroom together.  This allows for a more homogenizing effect and will reduce any unwanted (weak), or unexpectedly strong doses.

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin, Psilocin


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