Thai Koh Saumi

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Thai Koh Saumi cubensis produces large to medium fruits with potent effects. This strain of cubensis from Thailand is a real winner. It tends to grow some very thick mushrooms with large caps. Although they don’t grow really tall, they make up for height in thickness. Sometimes it tends to grow some nearly shaped mushrooms, but we hear the stranger they grow the more potent they are with this strain :).Its potency is phenomenal for a cubensis. We’ve heard nothing but great reports back from people that have experienced its gift. Many friends have claimed it to be the most potent cubensis they’ve tried yet, saying they are “amazing”, and asked for these specifically by name the next time they were ready to journey. You’ll need to be the judge of that for yourself.  It’s no wonder why in Thailand they have the full moon festival every month where thousands gather to eat this sacred mushroom and experience God-Within together.


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