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The Z-strain is one of the most popular strains on the market today and is not a slacker in any regard. This strain is one of the most aggressive producers observed in the wild. They can also be very large mushrooms, towering over most other strains. The potency is also considered to be on par with most other potent cubensis varieties. Overall it is an awesome example of P. Cubensis that promotes energy and creativity.

Dosage recommendations are the 1.5 – 2.5g range. At higher concentrations, users will experience animation of organic shapes, opaque walls, and a vibrant detraction of colors.

Everyone’s physiology and metabolism is different, and individual brain chemistry and body size play a significant role in how each individual might respond to psilocybin.

If it is your first time or you are significantly upping your dosage, select a safe, comfortable, and if possible, familiar place, and consider asking a sober trip-sitter to be your companion for the coming ride.

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