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The BuddhaTime Grading System Explained

After browsing our selection of bud, you’ve probably noticed that all of our strains have a grade attached to the: A, AA, AAA and Quad. Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions from our customers, wondering what those grades actually mean, and how we determine them. So, in this post, we’re going to go into more detail about the specific criteria and structure that makes up the BuddhaTime grading system.

What’s in the Bag

A main factor of our grading system is the actual contents of the bag itself. High-grade bud strains exclusively contain just that – bud. Stems, seeds, and shake are all things that if mixed throughout the bag, contribute to a lower score. While you still might come across the occasional see, our highest-grade bud strains mainly contain only full, tightly packed buds.

The Flavour and Aroma

The highest quality bud strains have a strong, distinct aroma, and a pure flavour. Lower-grade strains often smell hay-like or dirty, or in some cases won’t have an overly-pronounced aroma at all. While the latter tend to still smoke well, they just don’t meet the specific standards that we look for when classifying high-grade strains. When it comes to flavour, it often takes a seasoned smoker to breakdown the profile of a certain strain’s smoke. However, there should still be a clear flavour to the bud, even if it’s light. The highest-grade strains will have both potent and distinct aromas and flavours.

Trichomes or ‘Kief’

By and large, this is the most important (and toughest) factor in our grading process. Commonly known as ‘Kief’, Trichomes contain the terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the small, taste, and high that cannabis is famous for – hence why this is an extremely important factor when grading bud strains. If you look closely, you can identify trichomes by their sugary, crystal-like shimmer. While they’re visible to the naked eye, you’ll really get an idea of a bud strain’s trichome profile by checking it out under a magnifying glass or loupe. The highest-grade bud strains will be covered in trichomes, while the lowest grade, not so much.

Bud Structure

As a generally-accepted rule, the highest-grade bud strains have large, densely-packed nuggets – this is thanks to a proper, refined growing process. Lower quality bud strains are often oddly-shaped, smaller, and break apart easier when handled.

What You’ll Get with Our Bud Strains

Single-A Strains
These small buds don’t have a distinct flavour or aroma, and will break apart fairly easily when handled. We rarely sell Single-A bud, but when we do, you’ll get a great price for it!
Double-A Strains
These tend to be the smallest nugs from our Triple-A strains, so while they’re not the largest, they still pack a punch. Our Double-A strains typically smoke like a Triple-A, but because you’ll get some smaller, lower-grade nugs mixed in, we grade it accordingly.
Triple-A Strains
This is where you’ll see some quality bud. These larger nugs that are dusted with trichomes provide an excellent smoking experience, with their distinct flavours and aromas. While most Triple-A nugs are fairly dense, they do vary, depending on strain type. Our Triple-A strains are fantastic value for your dollar.
Quad Strains
The best of the best. These strains are the highest quality that we offer at BuddhaTime, at a price point which reflects that. Filled with rich flavours, aromas, and covered in delicious trichomes, Quad-rated nugs are large and tightly packed. Quad strains are by far the best smoking experience that you will have.

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