an Aira Vape Pen and Green Magic Strips for Christmas

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Stoner Friends

Christmas is quickly coming up and most of us aren’t ready for it. It’s not that we’re not looking forward to the snow, the coziness, and the seasonal music, but more so the gift giving part of it. Truth be told, finding the perfect gift for a loved one or friend can demand a lot of mental effort. Not only that, unless you have been shopping since Black Friday, you likely still have a good chunk of shopping that needs to be done. That’s why we’re here to save you some time and give you a few suggestions of our own. Note that most of these items have to do with cannabis in some shape or form, as we are an online dispensary after all. If you have friends who enjoy smoking as a hobby, or are looking for some gift ideas for yourself, you might find this article very helpful!

Gift Idea #1: Green Magic THC Strips – Sativa

Ever used a breath strip? This is basically the same thing, except it gets you high. Introducing the Green Magic THC strips, where each individual strip contains 75mg of THC. This amount of THC is perfect for that friend who is just starting out in the world of marijuana, who might not have built up a large tolerance yet. For most of us, 100mg is the perfect amount to lift us into a pleasant state of euphoria. While 75mg might not get the veterans high, it’ll certainly provide a nice buzz.

Gift Idea #2: Aira Vape Pen Kit – OG Kush 2:1

Second on our list, the Aira Vape Pen Kit is a cool gift we would recommend giving to a friend. We’ve specifically picked the OG Kush 2:1 for several reasons: its sleek package design – the eggshell white simplicity mixed with the gold brushed text and the front window displaying the kit, its user intuitive design allowing for even the most notice of smokers to grasp the how-to in just seconds, and the reliable 0.6 gram per cartridge ratio suitable for all audiences and occasions – emerges it as the perfect Christmas gift. The box shaped case only helps make wrapping it easier!

Gift Idea #3: Herbivores Edibles Funny Fluff – Cherry

When a group of friends gather around the fireplace on Christmas eve, some snacks are usually involved. You’ve probably heard of weed brownies or chocolate chip bickies, but cotton candy? That might be something interesting to try out. With 80-100mg of THC in each pack, these portions are perfect for sharing and passing around amongst a group of friends. This one might be a bit tougher to gift wrap though.

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