KEYY Card next to a set of cutlery

The Perfect Marijuana Edibles For Your Holiday Feast

It’s December, so you know what that means. Big dinners, loud family members, and a couple of drinks to top the evenings off. But you know what that’s missing? A bit of cannabis to spread the Christmas cheer! If you’re looking to increase your appetite before your feast, or are looking to ride the wave of a turkey coma and head straight to bed, we’ve got a couple suggestions that can help!

KEYY Card Tangerine Dream

Here’s a scenario: you’re at your family or friends big dinner, and you’re not very hungry. However, they’re not very keen on cannabis and you can’t go outside to smoke a bit because the smell will linger. This is when the THC KEYY Card comes into play! Crack it into your drink for discreet consumption, just be sure to watch how much you drink, because 30mg of THC can hit harder than you expect.

BuddhaTime Gummies – Heavy Hitters

Scenario number 2: you’ve just ingested enough turkey to feed a small family, and you’re barely able to crawl onto the couch because you’re so full. The turkey is working its magic and you’re ready to sleep. If you want to keep that vibe going, take a bite out of our Heavy Hitters. These 120mg bad boys are not for the faint of heart so don’t eat the whole thing, but the Indica Kief used to make them will act fast to get you into bed and out like a light.

Twisted Extracts – CBD Cara-Melts

If you’re hosting a dinner and want to add a little amuse-bouche to your perfectly set plates and tableware, consider picking up the Twisted Extracts CBD Cara-Melts. Everyone at your dinner will enjoy a little caramel treat, and it’s up to you if you want to tell them there is CBD in it! It won’t get anyone high, but it will help loosen the crowd up (both physically and mentally) and should put people down the right path to enjoy the night. Plus, with each package containing 8 Cara-Melts, you’ll likely only need 2 packages at the most to fill your table. Any leftovers you can enjoy on your own time! Now you’re prepped for the holidays, and we’re sure that one (or all of these) products will make a perfect addition to your feasts and festivities!

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