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Top 4 Bud Strains of February 2020 (Leap Year Special!)

It is a leap year people! Statistically speaking, for over 99% of the people in the world, unless February 29th is the day you were born, you probably couldn’t care less for the occasion. For most of us, it is nothing more than an annoyance of a day where you’d have to either work an extra day before seeing your pay cheque, or make some changes to your wristwatch to cater to the extra day. With that said, we like the celebrate even the smallest things here at BuddhaTime and have compiled this very special list for those who want to join in on the occasion (let’s pretend that it’s 4 years in the making)! Below are 4 of the top strains we’d like to share with you this February.

Strain #1: Blackberry Platinum AAA

You might have heard of the popularity of this strain if you’ve read one of our other articles this month. In truth, Blackberry Platinum is the top seller of the month for single strains, and the top contender of many list. If you’ve tried the strain before, it might come as no surprise. As a potent indica-dominant hybrid coated with an aroma of wonderfully fresh-picked berries, this hybrid strain has risen to be the top pick for a lot of people when shopping for bud.

Strain #2: Green Crack AAA

A frequently quoted phrase amongst cannabis veterans, “if you need energy, take a hit of Green Crack.” As cheesy as that sounds, it’s no lie that this strain is powerful enough to rejuvenate almost anyone after a long day. As a sativa dominant strain, Green Crack is known to provide its users with an energetic buzz of concentration, motivating them to focus on any tasks at hand. As one of the best value sativa strains in the market, Green Crack has earned its badge and emerges as #2 on our list.

Strain #3: Death Bubba AAAA

Cannabis user or not, it’s hard to find someone in this day and age who doesn’t know the name of Death Bubba. This strain was given its name for its pungent aroma of skunk mixed with its smell of freshly cut grass, pairing together to bring the user a very clean, refreshing taste. Unlike our previous entry, Death Bubba is a powerful indica strain, and can very likely write off your day if you’re too generous with the portions.

Strain #4: Charlotte’s Web AAAA

Much like Death Bubba but to a lesser degree, Charlotte’s Web is one of the best known strains in the entire hobby. The strain contains insanely high amounts of CBD and is widely praised for its healing capabilities. Unlike all other entries on the list, it is almost impossible to get high with Charlotte’s Web, as its hemp-based content contains very little amounts of THC. We recommend trying it out if you’re having any problems with sleep, anxiety, or stress.

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