Super Skunk Value Pack Nug

Why the Super Skunk Value Pack is a Fan Favourite

Putting our lame wordplay on the product’s description aside, we do very much love our Super Skunk Value Packs, and so do our customers, it seems. Over the past few months, this value pack has proved to be one of the most popular products in the entire bud category. That’s including the Blackberry Platinum, the Blue Rhino that has now sold out, and the Violator Kush. Quite the tall claim, don’t you think? Well, it isn’t without reasons that this value pack is so popular. Let’s go over a few things that might indicate why.

Super Skunk Value Pack: Truly Unbeatable Value

At just $125.00 per bag of ½ ounce, you’d be hard pressed to find similar value for weed this high of quality. Additionally, with Super Skunk being one of the rarer indicas , that also adds to its popularity. It’s like buying a standard bag of chips versus smaller bags. You get more value out of the bigger bags, and such is also the way of BuddhaTime value packs.

A Unique Taste for those in the Know

While we won’t claim Super Skunk to be everyone’s favourite, those who have been smoking for some time or accidentally stumbled across the strain can tell you just how unique it tastes. Much like some street food in Asian countries where the flavouring is neither sweet or salty, but rather stinky, Super Skunk treads on the same family of senses, blasting its user with a loud taste of thick, dank bud.

What to Expect When Smoking Super Skunk

As one of the best indica marijuana strains in terms of both quality and price, it might come as a no-brainer to pick up a bag of these skunky value packs during your next order. Price and quality aside, below are a few additional factors you might want to know before heading to the checkout:
  • Super Skunk is especially good at helping one achieve the state of deep sleep, and can potentially cure insomnia or speed up the process of fixing any jet lag
  • It is an excellent choice for those who are experiencing anxiety, whether temporarily or chronically
  • It is also a great source of pain relief, whether for your muscles, bad migraines, or any other forms of pain
  • Effectiveness dependent on the person’s tolerance, Super Skunk can also relief stress
If the potential skunk-y taste is scaring you away from the strain, consider the above to be reasons to try it out! At the worst case, if you dislike the taste, you can rest easy knowing that it will at least alleviate some of your problems. If you have any questions regarding the strain, feel free to contact our customer support – we’re always happy to help!

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