Why You Should Try Herbivore Edibles

As we enter late April, COVID-19 has shown no sign of starting to slow down, keeping us all stuck at home. With that said, it has been said that during these unprecedented times, keeping your health and immunity at tip-top shape is key. If you’re a casual smoker or are just starting out, right now might not be the best time to be using pipes or joints if you’re not experienced with it. Fortunately, bud lovers have many alternatives of intaking THC other than smoking it. If you’ve never tried edibles before, now is a great time! The BuddhaTime team is proud to carry a large variety of Herbivore Edibles for you to select from.

Classic Candies, Great Taste

One of Herbivore Edibles best qualities about their treats is that there is almost barely to zero marijuana aftertaste, allowing the user to enjoy their edibles without the bothering aftertaste. The Vancouver based company is well-known for their flawless tasting candies and other treats, including treats for pets. It is widely known that Herbivore Edibles products are extremely potent, so be sure to know your limit and play within it.

Great Value for Great Price

Take the Herbivores Edibles – Grape Sours for example. With every pack of Herbivore gummies, you will receive a product with 6 pieces of candy, each containing 25mg of THC. BuddhaTime offers a variety of Herbivore Edibles candies, chocolate bars and other sweet treats. When purchasing these edibles with BuddhaTime, you are buying quality gummies to enjoy while self-isolating at home. An additional benefit of edibles over flowers is that they are very discreet and will not leave any excess smoke/odour that may bother you or others.

Relax and Enjoy Herbivore Edibles at Home

Consuming edibles may be your THC of choice during self isolation, and we’ve got you covered. Enjoying products such as Herbivores Edibles at home will help you relax, pass time, de-stress and enjoy your at-home hobbies even more. Plus, it won’t taste like you’re eating edibles, but snacking on candy instead. If you’re used to enjoying a pack of edibles with friends, having a pack of Herbivores Edibles to yourself is just as enjoyable. Turn on a movie, play some video games, or even read a book and clean the house. Whatever you do, Herbivore Edibles will help enhance that experience even more. While smoking bud with your friends and passing around joints is usually an outdoor and social activity, expand upon your THC horizons and try something new! Herbivores Edibles is one of the top edible producers in Canada with great tasting treats that will sure to get you baked at home. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team!

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