Twisted Extracts Black Cherry On Desk

Why You Should Try Twisted Extract’s Black Cherry Edibles

Imagine this: you have the day off and are sitting around at home wondering how to spend the day. You remember that your edible stash has been running low these past few days. It’s time to re-up. You can’t recall where you got these last few gummies from, so you decide to rely on one of the online ads to help you pick a new dispensary. After filtering through a few results, you land on a pretty cool online dispensary with lots of products, all at reasonable prices. You navigate to the edibles section and… WOW. With so many different edibles to choose from – where do you start? Let’s backtrack a little. You remember now that the gummies seemed to have been labeled ‘Twisted’, the rest of which you cannot recall. Was it Twisted Extracts?

Why Twisted Extract’s Black Cherry Edibles Are Made for Everyone

It would come as no surprise if those edibles were actually Twisted Extracts. After all, they are one of the biggest and most popular edible manufacturers locally in Canada. While they have a gigantic selection of products themselves, their Black Cherry Edibles stand out to those who are in the know. Now, at a glance, these Black Cherries may look just like any other Twisted product. What makes them special?

Just Enough THC, All Perfectly Proportioned

To start off, each pack of Black Cherry edibles are cut symmetrically into 8 blocks that can be broken apart easily with hand. Each of these blocks contain 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD – no more, no less. If you’ve ever had trouble with other edibles having too much or too little THC in one serving, you will find these Black Cherry edibles a perfectly timed upgrade.

100% Indica: The Perfect Edible for the Season

As we slowly move into Spring, a lot of days may feel dragged out for you or just dimmer in general. You may wish to take this chance to rest up a bit, take an edible, and chill out for the day. Thankfully, these Black Cherry edibles will help you with exactly that. While most edibles available in the market today are either sativa or hybrid, Twisted Extracts has launched a few of their own indica versions, which may be harder to come across depending on where you shop. Because these edibles are indica, they can also be used to help with insomnia or other rest-related activities. Just don’t take them out to social events! Picking up a good pack of edibles is like icing to someone’s already good day. Plus, once you’ve tried any other Twisted Edible product, the switch over to Black Cherry hardly takes convincing (trust us, we’ve been convinced ourselves). Try one out for just $12.00 today!

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